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Certified Fire Protection (CFP) was founded and incorporated in November 1977 with its main focus on the servicing of Portable Fire extinguishers by Larry Sartain, Sr. and Larry Sartain, Jr. After several years the company was sold to Howard T. Mann, a family friend. Howard took the company from two employees to four in a very short time. The additional staff was needed to help with the rapid growth that Howard enjoyed due to his hard work. He also offered more services to his customers, including D.O.T Hydro-testing and the availability of CO2 gas recharging. In 1988, Howard decided to move into land development and offered to sell the business to two of his employees, sales manager, Douglas Sartain and service manager, Michael Gazlay. They purchased the company on December 15, 1988 as equal partners.

Due to demand and to better service their industry, the decision was made in 1993 for Douglas to get his Nevada State Contractor's License. This enabled CFP to expand their services and offer Fire Sprinkler and Fire Alarm Installation, Inspection Maintenance and Repair to its valued clients.

In 2000 Douglas purchased Michael Gazlay's shares of CFP becoming sole owner. Douglas Sartain is a native of Las Vegas, Nevada, where he currently resides with his wife and their son. Douglas is the son and brother of CFP founders, Larry Sartain, Sr. and Larry Sartain, Jr., respectively. He has enjoyed the employment of this company from its inception. As the President and CEO, Douglas firmly believes that having strong moral fiber, integrity, honor and commitment is the key to the success of CFP.

Customer service is and always has been first and foremost of utmost importance to Mr. Sartain. He hopes to continue to develop the company as he remains steadfast in his commitment to giving back to the community and cultivating not only the company but the success of his employees. He is adamant and believes that CFP sets the standard and is the leader in the fire protection industry.

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